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What is employee training?

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What is student training?



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Employee Training 

Employees can access required and optional trainings in Bridge. In addition to required training programs for OSU employees, other optional courses and programs are available in the 怎样才能浏览国外网址 area in Bridge. Employees can self-enroll in any of the Learning Library courses. 

If you have questions about training requirements, please contact your supervisor. 

Student Training 

OSU students will use Bridge's Student Training site for trainings that are required for your OSU classes, such as lab safety. There are other as general information courses in the Student Training site –you may browse and enroll in any of the trainings. 

OSU student employees and graduate students will access job-related training on the Employee Training site. If you are a student and do not have an OSU job, don’t use the employee site. Your training completion record will not be saved.

If you have questions about job-related training – contact your supervisor.

If you have questions about course-related training – contact your instructor.


Volunteer Training 

Many volunteers at OSU are required to take training before they can participate in volunteer activities. The Bridge Volunteer Training site is currently in development. 

If you have questions about volunteer training, please contact the OSU Bridge team.